Clark Hodges In

One of my favorite things about spending time with my friends Joshua, Sam and Jackson is how we each have very profound conversations about musicians we both enjoy; not only do we talk about all time great, as well as niche musicians we both admire, and enjoy but also conversate about them from several different perspectives.

When I went to write the 5 new songs we added for this album in May 2021, as oddly as it is, having every musical possibility at my disposal for the melodies and chords made it a very efficient process to write the 5 new songs relatively quickly. Those being; Nell's to Tropicana, JOSH2HUH!, Agung, New Bird Word, and Weeklongs Endcap (which was arranged from a melody I wrote in my head and memorized a few months prior). 

In these songs I wanted to capture the fun these musicians bring to their virtuosic performances, the incredible range of styles they are virtuosic in playing, and in a way that was nothing less than melodically compelling. As well as write something that fit my improvisation style. Thank you for listening and for reading, all correspondence appreciated.

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