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Seasons greetings from TJD - we gift you our next studio recording release! 

Tis the season; I have worked incredibly hard to produce a new Tangible Jazz Dreams studio recording for the holiday season. We will be releasing this song over a series of 8 Facebook & Instagram reels before it is available for streaming December 1st; anyone is welcome to make enough reels themselves to hear the full song now as well, if you’re unsure how to add the audio in reels creator please DM me. We made this recording with much love for the world and hope it brings you peace, reverence and joy…

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Our next album - More Jazz Fusion! Why?  

Many of us have come to be familiar with the concept that Jazz Fusion music is one of the most spiritual forms of music. Jazz fusion music has grown to include musicians from around the globe, and because of this diversity, Jazz Fusion has the potential to transcend language barriers and promote fellowship and communication among those who hear it. We offer our own stories and perspectives through our music with the goal it will inspire others to discover more about themselves, and inspire kindness to…

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Great News  

We have great news to share along with our 'Meltdown' album, we have reached terms and have secured funding to record our next album; more news on the way!

Hope to connect with you soon - from TJD  

My dear music loving hopefully soon to be friends, we are a band that loves many kinds of music especially Jazz and Jazz fusion. Over the course of the next decade we will be bringing you a phenomenally high quality of music; touching many genres while staying true to our love of Jazz and our heroes in that genre. 
Weeklongs is a very calming and reflective song, that has an up most intriguing balance of sophistication and simplicity.  

It is one of the more versatile recordings from our upcoming record…

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